Complex Care and Health and Child Well-being (School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems)

This cluster focuses on children with complex care needs, children who have multiple care needs who require access to multiple health support services as a result of a congenital, chronic or acquired illness. Grounded in a rights-based approach research in this area acknowledges the wider interconnected relationships that influence a child’s development, their overall health and well-being outcomes and their opportunity to achieve their optimum potential within their given environment. From a nursing perspective this research is specifically underpinned by a philosophy of family-centred care that continuously seeks to understand a child’s health needs, and to deliver optimum care, in the context of their family situation and their experience and engagement with health and allied care professionals and services. Research in this area is broadly categorised in three main streams: health services research, clinical and translational research and basic science. Health services research predominantly includes research exploring the provision and quality of services for children who have complex care needs nationally and internationally. Clinical and translational research in this area includes exploration of various patterns of care management for children with complex health needs and the efficacy of therapeutic interventions to enhance the health of children with complex illness. This includes but is not limited to clinical trials, observational studies and meta-analysis.