January 2022 Monthly Memo

Congratulations to the following CHiLD members on their recent achievements!


Taylor, L. K., Tomašić Humer, J., & Dautel, J. B. (in press). Predictors of outgroup empathy among children in a conflict-affected society. Children & Society.

•Browne, A., Stafford, O., Berry, A., Murphy, E., Taylor, L.K., Shevlin, M., McHugh, L., Carr, A., & Burke, T. (2022). Psychological Flexibility Mediates Wellbeing for people with Adverse Childhood Experiences during COVID-19. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 11, 377-391.

•Conti, G., Doyle, O., Fearon, P. & Oppedisano, V. (2022) “A Demonstration Study of the Quiet Time Transcendental Meditation Program.”  Frontiers in Psychology, 12: 765158.

From the Safe Learning Study in Sierra Leone (School of Education)

•Capistrano, D., Sloan, S., Symonds, J., Samonova, E., Sugrue, C., & Devine, D. (2022). Assessing experiences with violence and peace in primary schools in Sierra Leone. Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research.

•Samonova, E., Devine, D., Sugrue, C., Capistrano, D., Sloan, S., Symonds, J., & Smith, A. (2021). Power, agency and children’s time use in rural Sierra Leone. Children’s Geographies, 1-14.

Symonds, J. E., Sloan, S., Kearns, M., Devine, D., Sugrue, C., Suryanaryan, S., … & Samonova, E. (2021). Developing a Social Evolutionary Measure of Child and Adolescent Hedonic and Eudaimonic Wellbeing in Rural Sierra Leone. Journal of Happiness Studies, 1-35. •

From the Children’s School Lives study (School of Education)

•D’Urso, G., Symonds, J., Sloan, S., & Devine, D. (2022). Bullies, victims, and meanies: the role of child and classmate social and emotional competencies. Social Psychology of Education, 1-20.

From the Professional Doctorate in Educational Psychology Programme 

• Flanagan, R. M., & Symonds, J. E. (2022). Children’s self-talk in naturalistic classroom settings in middle childhood: A systematic literature review. Educational Research Review, 100432.


Impact of COVID-19 on Children with Special Educational Needs

The UCD School of Education has a new project commissioned by the National Council for Special Education, to study the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education of children with special educational needs. This project is coordinated at UCD by Associate Professor William Kinsella and Dr Joyce Senior, with Drs Jennifer Symonds, Seaneen Sloan, Grainne NiDhomnaill, and Prof. Dympna Devine. The mixed methods project will draw on existing and new data from the Children’s School Lives study of primary schooling, will involve a new online questionnaire with school principals, and will carry out a qualitative case study of special and mainstream schools. 


Dr Flavia H. Santos will be a speaker along with Prof Ann Watson (Oxford), Prof Francis Su (California) and Prof Mike Askew (Johannesburg) at the event “So, what is mathematics?” hosted by White Rose Maths and organised by the “Maths is More” on 9th February at 4 pm GMT, free registration: https://tinyurl.com/Math-is-More

Laura Jernström (University of Helsinki) will present on  ‘Grandparental Health Shocks and Adult Children’s Fertility Choices’ at the Geary Institute seminar on Tuesday 1st Feb at 1pm:  https://ucd-ie.zoom.us/j/63893955314

•The COVISION project will hold a webinar on ‘Reflecting on ReSPECT: Key lessons from a youth-led co-design project on service innovation’ on 9th Feb 10am: https://ucd-ie.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_osKASiu9RXuZrAZxmvgmCQ • •


The EU COORDINATE project has funding research visit opportunities (up to 3 weeks) across 8 European countries to work on different child and youth well-being datasets. Deadline for applications 25th Feb. More info here: https://www.coordinate-network.eu/apply-for-a-visit