June 2021 Monthly Memo

This month we welcome 2 new CHilD members from the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science: Dr. Jenny Kavanagh & Ohood Alharbi

Congratulations to the following CHiLD members on their recent achievements!

  1. Rachel Farrell (School of Education) & CHiLD member Kevin Denny (School of Economics) have received €3,500 from the College’s Research Funding Scheme for a project on: Informal Learning and its Impact on Student Engagement and Teacher Professional Development in Economics: The Case of the Young Economist of the Year.

2. CHiLD member Flavia Santos has published a new paper: Santos FH, Mosbacher JA, Menghini D, Rubia K, Grabner RH, Cohen Kadosh R. Effects of transcranial stimulation in developmental neurocognitive disorders: A critical appraisal. Progress in Brain Research  264, 2021, 1-40.


1. The COVISION Project team is launching monthly webinar series starting from the 07th of July on “Systematic Review or Scoping Review” Dr Helen McAneney.

2. Together with the Children’s Research Network and Trinity Research in Childhood Centre, July will see the launch of our annual Child and Youth Research Summer Seminar Series. Agenda to be published soon. Stay tuned!!!!