Learning, development and educational well-being (School of Education)

This cluster focuses on exploring the impact of education on children’s rights and well-being across all sectors from early years through to secondary schooling. Research on issues related to the experience of equalities/inequalities across different groups (e.g minority ethnic and migrant children, children in poverty, girls and boys, disabled children) of children and young people are considered and of the practices – pedagogical, institutional/cultural and policy related) which contribute to and/or detract from the realization of children’s rights in this area. In addition, this cluster focuses on aspects of professional practice and formation that contribute to inclusive learning in schools, including the identification of and working with children with additional support needs.   Research interests here include children with ASD, ADHD, genetic and neurological conditions, exceptionally able/gifted children and those with a range of emotional and behaviour difficulties in school. Current funded projects include a comparative study of Roma and Traveller children in 7 European countries, two additional European projects centred on supporting children in disadvantaged schools in maths learning and in promoting inclusive leadership pracatices, children’s citizenship across home, school and local community, and the participation of minority ethnic children in early years education.