Monthly Memo – Jan 2023

Congratulations to the following CHiLD members on their recent achievements!


Congratulations to UCD CHiLD Executive Committee member, Professor Eilis Hennessy, with Aine French and Dr Daráine Murphy from UCD School of Psychology, for winning this year’s Overall University Research Impact Award for their study ‘Helping parents support youth mental health’ highlighting how research from the School of Psychology is changing lives.


·Niland, R., & Nearchou, F. (2023, preprint). Assessing the effectiveness of school-based sex education in sexual health behaviours: A systematic review. 

·Flinn, C., Koretsidou, C., & Nearchou, F. (2023). Accessing Sexual Health Information Online: Content, Reasons and Practical Barriers in Emerging Adults. Youth, 3(1), 107-124.

·Nearchou, F. (2022). Self-harm in young people: Investigating the role of resilience and posttraumatic stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma, 1-12.

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·Deschenes, S., Nearchou, F., McInerney, A., Schmitz, N., & Nouwen, A. (2022). Childhood trauma, depression, and the risk of incident prediabetes in young adults: findings from the Lifelines Cohort Study. European Journal of Public Health, 32(Supplement_3).

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